How Our CSA Works

How Our CSA Works

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. When you join, you are prepaying for your share of our farm's production. Both farmers and consumers benefit from a CSA. CSA Members are guaranteed to get their meat first at a discount--before any sales on-farm, at farmers' markets, or through delivery orders. The CSA benefits farmers by partially covering the cost of raising the animals upfront with its prepaid shares and creates a steady income year-round.

Our CSA shares provide 15 lbs of pasture-raised meats per month. We offer 3 month share for $365 (tax included)   New CSA members will be charged a one-time startup fee of $30, covering the transportation and delivery of the meat in insulated totes. Members can pick up their monthly meat supply at one of our delivery points or at the farm itself. SIX MONTH SHARES ARE SOLD OUT.

We offer 3 types of CSA shares:

Traditional- approx. 5 lbs beef, 5 lbs poultry, 5 lbs pork - per month

Kosher- 10 lbs poultry, 5 lbs beef, no pork (not certified, just the name of the CSA package)-per month

Fresh Cuts (Paleo Diet Friendly)- approx. 5 lbs beef, 5 lbs poultry, 5 lbs pork- NO CURED MEATS,  SAUSAGES, or DELI MEATS

All of the meats come frozen.

CSA members can add a full egg share of 4 dozen eggs each month to their meat CSA ( $60 for 3 month shares). CSA members may also add a 1/2 egg share of 2 dozen eggs per month ($30 for 3 month shares).

CSA members who choose the Traditional option will be able to choose between two bag options each month. These options are emailed a week before delivery listing aproximate items in each bag. Members who choose specialty bags (Kosher or Fresh Cuts) do not get to choose a bag option.  We will prepare your 15 pounds of meat for you, selecting from the list of products below. Each month will vary. Keep in mind that not all of our products are available through the CSA, but any items not on the list can be ordered ahead of time and paid for at your CSA pick-up time.




Ground Beef Bacon Whole Fryers
Round Steak Sausages Cut-Up Fryers
Chuck Roast Pork Burgers Wings
Rump Roast Ham Steaks Bone-In or Boneless Breast
Sirloin Tip Deli Ham Ground Chicken
Skirt Steak Ham Hocks Drumsticks
Short Ribs Pork Chops Thighs
Stew Meat Spare Ribs Boneless Breast
Cube Steaks Roast

Smoked Deli Meat

Burger Patties Ground Pork

Flat Iron Shoulder Roast

ground turkey

beef Steaks

Pork Chops  turkey breast

Hot Dogs

 Pork Cutlets  turkey wings or drumsticks

Exact Pick up locations and times can be found on our delivery page.

Summer CSA Pick Up Dates and Locations:


July 9th- Frankfort

July 23rd- Bolingbrook, Naperville, On-Farm

August 6- Frankfort

August 20th- Bolingbrook, Naperville, On- Farm

September 10th- Frankfort

September 24th- Bolingbrook, Naperville, On-Farm

October 8th- Frankfort

October 22nd- Bolingbrook, Naperville, On-Farm


To become a CSA member, contact Eric or Samantha via email or call 815-472-2934 to get started. We will provide all the information you need and answer any questions you may have. Once we have signed you up as a CSA Member, you pay by phone, mail a check, or pay at one of our farmers markets or deliveries.