Grass Fed Lamb


Our lamb is mild and sweet in flavor. They roam fresh pasture and are 100% grass-fed and finished.

Our grass-fed lambs typically have a hanging weight of 50-60 lbs and will provide about 35 lbs of cuts and ground, with a cost of $7.25/pound hanging weight plus processing. We process the lambs in December each year. We can customize cut orders if they are ordered in advance.

100% Grass-Fed Lamb

  • Ground lamb (1 lb pkg)
  • Shanks (1.0 lbs ave)
  • Leg roast (ave roast is 5 lbs)
  • Center cut leg steaks (½ lb ave per pkg)
  • Loin chops (2 chops per pkg, ave pkg .25 lbs)
  • Lolli Pop Chops (2 chops per pkg, ave pkg .25 lbs) 
  • Kabob (1 lb pkg)
  • Stew meat (1 lb pkg)
  • Lamb Kidneys
  • Lamb Liver (1 lb pkg)

How to Buy