About Us

About Nature's Choice Farm

Nature's Choice Farm is a family-owned farm in Grant Park, IL, committed to raising animals in a healthy environment and to producing quality, healthy pasture raised meats and eggs for your family. All of the poultry, cattle, and pigs at Nature's Choice are free to roam our pastures, and we do not use antibiotic or hormone regimens. Our feeds are non-GMO (not genetically modified).

Our cattle graze on a diverse blend of pasture plants during the summer and are fed hay harvested from our pasture during the winter. Pasture raised meat can be leaner and higher in Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E. In addition, our chickens and turkeys are never kept in cages and are provided with plenty of space, fresh grass, and nutritious feed. Eggs from pasture raised hens like ours can have less cholesterol and saturated fat, more vitamin A, beta-carotene, and Omega-3 fatty acids.

Nature's Choice Farm started when Eric and Samantha Sexton moved to Grant Park in 2006. In our first year, we raised 400 broiler chickens, 75 layer chickens, and three Murray Grey cows and their calves. The next year, we raised almost 2000 broilers, 175 layers, 80 turkeys, four pigs, purchased more cattle, and had one calf born. We also started selling our products in four area farmers' markets. Now, we raise about 6000 chickens, 100 hogs, 40 cattle, and 400 turkeys, and we deliver to three Chicagoland locations, sell at four different farmers' markets throughout the summer, and bring in many visitors to see the farm. Because of our efforts, we are also a three time recipient of the Frontera Grant, created to help local farmers in the Chicago area who use sustainable farming practices and provide the area with high-quality local produce.