footingsThe meat birds (broilers) are being grown by a young farmer that raises our poultry on pasture for our farm and to our standards.  The chickens are fed a specially designed non-GMO diet that we have used for years that is free of hormones and medications.

The chicks remain in the brooder until they are feathered out and can live in the pasture--usually about three weeks. The chickens are provided with shelter and fresh grass daily, and their diet consists of a healthy mix of grasses,bugs, and non GMO feed (no medications).

Pasture Raised Chicken

  • Whole (3.5-5.5 lbs ave.)
  • Boneless/skinless Breast (.5-1.0 lbs ave. per pkg.)
  • Bone-in Breast (1.5 lbs ave per pkg)
  • Cut-up fryer (3.5-5.5 lbs ave.)
  • Wings (10 per pkg, 3lb ave)
  • Drumsticks (5 per pkg, 1.5 lbs ave)
  • Thighs (5 per pkg, 1.5 lbs ave)
  • Livers (1.-1.5 lb per pkg)
  • Backs and necks ( 2 lb ave per pkg)
  • Feet (1 lb ave per pkg)
  • Hearts (½ lb ave per pkg)
  • Pet Food -ground chicken backs, necks, organ meat (1 lb pkg)

How to Buy